day 1   18.15 p.m 


The Beco. We just arrive and we are lost. We left Oporto with only one certain, the unknown. A couple of days before our trip we decided to change the destination. We wanted the real pursuit. The pursuit of our essence in unknown waters and we are commited to find it. All of our senses are on alert. And here we are, in Beco Mão de Deus, without a clue if we should turn left or right and with miles and miles ahead of pure and wild nature. We are litarelly in the middle of nowhere, but we’ve got it. We’ve got the feeling. This place, this island, has it. We´re going to succeed in our search.



Azores, day 2.


day 2  8.30 p.m 


The Hills and a Late Swimming. We are awake since six in the morning, we had to. This day was all about seeking. Seeking for the intangible, for that perfect fugacious moment when nature shows us the lust of life. Such as the first light of the morning, encountering the most undiscovered landscapes. Or just like simply now, when the sun is fading away and there’s a serene beauty in everything around us. We’re in Santa Barbara beach watching kids learn how to surf. The expectation for the perfect wave, the rising up from the bottom and finally the exciting flight. Then the fall. Pretty much as life. We decide to give it a go. Try the waters. Share with them the marvellous feeling of water on our skins when the day becomes night.


Azores, forest.


  day 3   7.07 p.m 


The House Between Places. This was about going down and the end of the road. As we move foward the rough sea becomes our soundtrack and the sourroundings are filled with impressive cliffs and uninhabited wilderness. At the end, between Faial da Terra and Água Retorta we found an intimidating emptness. The few sighted houses have a sombre palette, enhancing the melancholy mood. But there’s beauty, freedom and respect. In every life second this environment reminding us how small we are.


Azores, on the road.

day 4 14.10 p.m

The search for the unknown ends. For now.