The Dreamers, Republic Boat Editorial.

A series of original pictures taken by us founders in Azores served as direct inspiration and put the creative process in motion. The result is a collection that is rich and lively, built around noble fabrics coupled with profound, reassuring colours and a special attention to textures. You have to feel them to understand.

We introduced The Canoeing Jacket: pure cotton and portuguese craftmanship make up the canoeing inspired piece. Combining fur shearling with a scratchy fabric for added textures.

The Canoeing Jacket. Republic Boat Editorial, Azores.

From the fibrous structures of wood is born The Winter Moss Sweat. The roughness and the unequal color of this material merge with the tradition of minimalism and simplicity.

Republic Boat Editorial.
The Forest House Firewood Rack, Rabo de Peixe
Lake city. Republic Boat Editorial. Azores
Lagoa do Canário, Ponta Delgada
Republic Boat Chino.

The Rowing Chino is a journey through boat building. The patterned inner details resemble the wood framework of a boat. The quiet tones reviving the harmonic colours of crafting with nature.

Republic Boat Wool Jumper.

Victor, a german Motion Engineer, lives for the waters. Settled in Azores after ten years of travelling around the Caribbean, wears Republic Boat All Weather Oxford Shirt. A grounded barefoot classicism.

Republic Boat Chino

Rooted in tradition this collection pushes forward and reinvents while paying tribute to Canoeing Heritage.

Republic Boat Editorial.