Republic Boat is a fifth essence, a breath ‘in the open’.
A breath in the open that captures the layers and rhythms of a life that does not yield to nature but embraces its sublimity, wildness and solitariness reawakening tradition.
A vision and a sense shared by the founders Madalena Borges Arantes and Miguel L. Vinagre. A raw authenticity enveloped in a blanket of heritage.
The brand was born as a dream in early September 2017, in San Francisco, California and was founded two years later in Moledo, northeast of Portugal. Republic Boat has a strong connection to the roots, to Portuguese craftsmanship, by continuously embracing their knowledge and exploring a permanent exchange of wisdom between the old and wise and the young and curious which comes together as beautifully crafted pieces.
A journey ruled not by prosody performance and a never-ending cycle of consumption, but by the bounce and inherent challenges of natural
Embracing the waters, rediscovering ancient wisdom and new, but constant truths. An honest way of travelling is to ponder where we came from, where we are, where we going, who we were and who we can be. Suspended between the world above and the world below, stillness in harmonic motion, these are the heritage canoeing promises. Land, sea, sky and soul. Feelings of the landscape. Each frame resonates with a quiet strength providing us an opportunity to reflect on the trajectory of contemporary life. It´s never about the conquering it, it’s about giving into it.
It’s home.


Much of the story of ‘Heritage Canoeing’ unfolded along the urge of moving forward.
It is the story of ‘Indigenous Hunters’ and ‘Wood Runners’, whose tireless search for goods, led to the discovery of new routes and ultimately to the mapping of unexplored waterways and communities. What once was originally a necessity, now is a reawakening of the ‘ocean-going’ canoe legacy. Republic Boat is about living. The brand is about embracing the waters and rediscovering ancient wisdom and newness, but constantly the truth.  
A raw authenticity enveloped in a blanket of heritage, suspended between the world above and world below.

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